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Saudi Arabia Signs $20bn In Deals With Pakistan

2 hours ago /

Saudi Arabia has pledged investment deals worth $20bn (£15.5bn) with Pakistan which is seeking to bolster its fragile economy.

Graham Vows Probe After McCabe Interview On Trump

3 hours ago /

The Chairman of the US Senate Judiciary Committee has vowed to investigate allegations that top FBI and justice department officials discussed ways to remove President Trump from office.

Pulwama Attack: Four Indian Soldiers Killed In Kashmir Gun Battle

3 hours ago /

Four soldiers have been killed in Indian-administered Kashmir in a gun battle with militants, police said.

Trump Tells European Countries To Take Back ISIS Fighters

1 day ago /

President Donald Trump has told the UK and other European allies to take back and put on trial more than 800 Islamic State (ISIS) group fighters captured in the final battle against the group.

Vatican Holds Summit Over Sexual Abuses

2 days ago /

Pope Francis will receive the presidents of all of the world's national bishops conferences to the Vatican Feb. 21-24 to discuss worldwide revelations of sexual abuse in the church, which have badly eroded the institution's credibility.

Trump To Declare Emergency Over Mexico Border Wall

3 days ago /

Democratic and Republican politicians have sharply criticised President Donald Trump's plan to use emergency powers to pay for a border wall with Mexico.

British IS Schoolgirl 'Wants To Return Home'

4 days ago /

One of three schoolgirls who left east London in 2015 to join the Islamic State group says she has no regrets but wants to return to the UK.

Trump-Kim Summit: Vietnam’s Foreign Minister Visits Pyongyang

5 days ago /

Vietnam's Foreign Minister, Pham Binh Minh, arrived in Pyongyang on Tuesday ahead of North Korean Leader, Kim Jong Un's visit to Vietnam for the summit with U.S. President, Donald Trump, later this month.

US Shutdown Looms As Border Talks Stall Ahead Of Deadline

1 week ago /

US congressional talks over a border security deal have stalled raising the chances of another government shutdown.

Iran Cheers U.S. ‘Dismay', Vaunts Military Might As Revolution Turns 40

1 week ago /

Hundreds of thousands of Iranians held nation-wide rallies on Monday to mark the 40th anniversary of the fall of the Shah and the triumph of Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, the Shi’ite cleric who led an Islamic Revolution that rattles the West to this day.

Venezuela Opposition Leader Vows To Open Humanitarian Aid Routes

1 week ago /

A Venezuelan opposition leader, Juan Guaidó, has vowed to open humanitarian aid routes into the country in defiance of the government.

ISIS Stages Stiff Resistance In Final Push

1 week ago /

US-backed fighters in Syria say they are meeting fierce resistance in the last enclave held by Islamic State (ISIS), militants near the Iraqi border.

Brexit: May To Ask For More Time For Deal

1 week ago /

Prime Minister, Theresa May, will ask MPs to give her more time to secure changes to the controversial part of her Brexit deal - the northern Irish backstop.

South Korea Signs Deal To Pay More For U.S. Troops

1 week ago /

To boost South Korea’s contribution toward the upkeep of U.S. troops on the peninsula, Officials signed a short-term agreement after a previous deal lapsed amid U.S. President, Donald Trump’s call for the South to pay more.

Abdurehim Heyit: Turkey Demands China Close Camps

1 week ago /

Following the reported death of a renowned musician from the ethnic Uighur minority, Turkey has called on China to close its detention camps.

U.S. Envoy Sues For Issue-Based Campaigns

1 week ago /

The United States ambassador to Nigeria Stuart Symington has advised candidates of the various political parties in the forthcoming general election to focus on issue-based campaigns rather than hate speech and educate their followers on the need to ensure peace during the election.

Morocco Recalls Envoy To Saudi Arabia

1 week ago /

Morocco has recalled its ambassador to Saudi Arabia for consultations, indicating apparent cracks in relations between the traditional Sunni Muslim allies over Yemen, Qatar and Western Sahara.

U.S. Contact Venezuela Military Directly

1 week ago /

The United States is holding direct communications with members of Venezuela’s military urging them to abandon President Nicolas Maduro and is also preparing new sanctions aimed at increasing pressure on him said a senior white house official.

China Condemns Indian PM’s Visit To Pradesh

1 week ago /

China’s foreign ministry on Saturday condemned Indian prime minister Narendra Modi’s visit to the north-eastern border state of Arunachal Pradesh, also claimed by China, saying it “resolutely opposes” activities of Indian leaders in the region.

U.S. North-Korea Prepare For Hanoi Summit

1 week ago /

The US envoy for North Korea has returned from Pyongyang, where he held talks to prepare for a second US-North Korean leadership summit.

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