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Israel Hits Iranian And Syrian Targets Around Damascus - Military

3 hours ago /

Israel says it has hit Iranian targets around the Syrian capital, Damascus.

US Shutdown: Trump Angered By Democrat Rejection Of 'Compromise'

23 hours ago /

US President Donald Trump has attacked Democrats for rejecting his proposals to end the longest government shutdown in US history.

U.S. Special Counsel Disputes Buzz Feed Report On Trump

1 day ago /

US special counsel Robert Mueller has disputed a claim that President Trump told his long-time lawyer Michael Cohen to lie to Congress.

UK Tube Violence Rises By 43%

2 days ago /

Violent crime on London’s tube network has increased by more than 43% in the last three years

North Korea Negotiator In Washington To Meet U.S. Officials

2 days ago /

One of North Korea's top negotiators Kim Yong-Choi has arrived in Washington to meet US officials ahead of a possible second summit between Kim Jong-Un and US President Donald Trump.

U.S. Democrats To Investigate Trump Over Allegations He Directed Lawyer To Lie To Congress

2 days ago /

US Democratic politicians say they will investigate allegations that President Trump directed his long-time personal lawyer to lie to Congress.

Pentagon Advises U.S. To Revamp Its Missile Defence Programme

3 days ago /

A Pentagon report has pressured the United States to conduct research into new technologies, such as a layer of sensors in space, to find and destroy incoming missiles.

Theresa May Faces No Confidence Vote

4 days ago /

British Prime Minister, Theresa May's government faces a vote of no confidence later after members of parliament rejected her Brexit deal.

China Condemns Canada For “Irresponsible Remarks”

5 days ago /

China denounced Canada on Tuesday for “irresponsible” remarks after Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau accused it of “arbitrarily” sentencing a Canadian to death for drug smuggling, aggravating already cold relations.

Trump New Rules On Birth Control Blocked In 13 States

6 days ago /

A California judge has blocked new trump administration regulations on birth control from applying in 13 states and Washington DC.


Turkey Dismisses Trump’s Threat

6 days ago /

Turkey has dismissed President Donald Trump's threat to "devastate" its economy if it attacks Kurdish forces in Syria following a planned pullout of US troops.


Trump Threatens Turkey Economy

6 days ago /

US President Donald Trump has threatened to "devastate turkey economically" if it attacks Kurdish forces in Syria following a planned pullout of US troops.

No Brexit More Likely Than No Deal - Theresa May

1 week ago /

UK’s Prime Minister,  Theresa May, is making a last-ditch attempt to persuade MPs to back her Brexit deal as Tuesday's key Commons vote looms closer.

May’s Brexit Deal

1 week ago /

May warns against Brexit deal failure British Prime Minister Theresa May have warned lawmakers that failure to back her plan to leave the European Union would be catastrophic for Britain, in a plea for support two days ahead of a vote in parliament that she is expected to lose.

Trump Denies Hiding Details Of Putin Talks

1 week ago /

US President Donald Trump has denied hiding details of conversations with Russia's President Vladimir Putin, saying he is "not keeping anything under wraps".

DR Congo Election: Police Deploy Near Home Of Candidate Martin Fayulu

1 week ago /

Security forces have deployed near the residence of opposition presidential candidate, Martin Fayulu in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Paris 'Gas Explosion' Kills Two Firefighters In City Centre

1 week ago /

Two firefighters have been killed after a huge explosion at a bakery in the French capital, Paris, officials said.

DR Congo Election: Defeated Candidate Vows Legal Challenge

1 week ago /

The defeated opposition candidate in DR Congo's presidential election has vowed to challenge the result in court.

Snow Brings Parts Of Europe To Standstill

1 week ago /

Heavy snowfalls brought chaos to parts of Germany and Sweden on Friday, leaving roads blocked, trains halted and schools shut.

Trump Walks Out Of Shutdown Talks With A 'Bye-Bye'

1 week ago /

President Donald Trump has walked out of a meeting with Democratic leaders as negotiations broke down on the 19th day of a partial US government shutdown.

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